Posted by: rundadrun | April 4, 2019

New lease on life

I have not had a lot of times in my life when I have been able to say that someone’s words truly scared me. That is not meant to sound tough, cause I have been scared plenty of times. But to have my cardiologist call me and tell me not to do anything that would cause more chest pain until I get in for my angiogram appointment…that scared me. I guess it made it clear that this was not a test, I had a major blockage and needed to get it fixed. In a way, that scared to death feeling was followed by a real sense of peace. After all, I had spent years afraid of having a sudden cardiac event because of family history and my own high cholesterol and Type 2 Diabetes. I did everything I could to keep these problems under control, but I still had a sense of fear that I was just going to die on a run one day.

So, I was not surprised by the diagnosis, but it scared me still. But I am here to say that my angioplasty and stent placement was a terrific success and that I felt better immediately! I felt instant relief on the table after the two stents were placed in my right coronary artery. And it was all done through my wrist! My cardiologist, Dr. Ronald Lynch, and all the staff at University of Cincinnati Medical Center in West Chester, Ohio were amazing. I even enjoyed my mandatory night in ICU(the subject of a soon to come post). As a sneak preview, imagine being the only ambulatory person on an critical care ward and feeling so good you just want to jog in the halls!

But for those who read this and are afraid of going to the doctor with your chest pains or have a fear of undergoing an angiogram I say this: Please don’t put it off! It is a life changing/saving procedure. And I can honestly say that the IV in the back of one of my hand was the worst pain of the entire thing.

And to add to the amazing experience, I had my follow up 6 days after the procedure and was given the all clear to return to running. I have since logged 12 pain free miles of running! Just 6 days after not being able to walk to my mailbox without debilitating chest pains. I truly feel blessed! In fact, I registered for the Flying Pig 5K that is just 6 weeks after the angioplasty!

More to come as I continue to regain my fitness and preach the gospel of heart health to all who will listen!

God bless and happy running,


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