Posted by: rundadrun | October 22, 2013

The Race Before Us. A book review

The Race Before Us Photo
Little did I know when I was asked to review the book, “The Race Before Us” by Bruce Matson that I would share so much in common with the author. But as I read, I saw more and more of my story in his.

The book is the story of Bruce Matson addressing his questions of faith as he struggled with his physical health. Faced with turning 50, declining health, and struggling with a real crisis in his faith, he began a journey of running and faith that ultimately brought him closer to God. It is based on the Hebrews 12:1, “let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us”, and does a great job of showing the connection between faith and fitness.

This is a great book for anyone, but especially if you are a Christian runner like me. Bruce tells his story in a way that can best be described as Lee Strobel meets Marc Parent(The Newbie Chronicles in Runner’s World). I have always loved both of these writers for their approaches to totally different subjects. In “The Race Before Us”, Bruce alternates chapters between The Race (his struggle with his faith) and The Run(his ongoing quest for better health as he trains for several different marathons).

In the race chapters I am reminded of Lee Strobel’s similar faith quest in “The Case for Christ”. If anything, Bruce makes the science of apologetics seem more understandable. I plan on using some of his arguments when teaching Christian Evidences in my Jr. High Bible class. He describes how by listening to Christian Apologist Ravi Zacharias, he was able to better focus his questions about his own beliefs into a more full faith in Christ. I actually came to truly enjoy listening to Ravi Zacharias because of reading this book.

In the Run chapters, he chronicles his journey from an overweight, out of shape practicing lawyer who is on the verge of all out Diabetes(a subject very dear to my heart). Through training for several marathons, he discovers that he truly loves running and the time he can be alone to continue his search for God.

All in all, I would recommend this book to anyone, but especially to anyone who has ever struggled with questions of faith and the battles of health concerns. But even if you never run a step in your life, you can enjoy this book from a purely self-improvement standpoint. In reading it, I found myself looking forward to the transition from The Run to The Race. I couldn’t wait to see where each of these individual struggles was going to go.

Well done Bruce. I can’t wait to read your next book…

Happy running,



  1. Thanks for your review and your very kind comments.

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