Posted by: rundadrun | August 8, 2013

Stop Pre! Prediabetes that is.

Honored to be asked to guest post on War on Diabetes. Give the site a look, lots of great info!

War On Diabetes


This post was graciously contributed by Rob Rice.

The above picture is known to almost all runners. It was the logo on the front of shirts worn by the fans of one of the opponents of Steve Prefontaine during the Olympic Trials in 1972.  Their hope was that their shirts would counter the multitude of hometown fans chanting “GO PRE”. It made for a great story when, after winning the race, Steve donned one of the shirts for his victory laps.  That night,  Steve Prefontaine was unstoppable.

 But, do you know what you can stop?  Prediabetes, or PreD.  Yes, you can reverse PreD, or at the very least postpone the onset of full-blown Diabetes.  If you can stop a disease, why wouldn’t you?  Why don’t you?

As of this writing, approximately 79 million Americans are Prediabetic!  That’s a conservative estimate.  I have seen numbers as high as 85 million. …

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