Posted by: rundadrun | July 11, 2013

Tomorrow is another day…really

While on vacation last week, I was blessed to get to run on this stretch of beach several times. What a beautiful way to finish a hot, humid run. But I was amazed by how quickly all evidence of my running was erased by the waves. I promise, I am not about to start quoting the old “Footprints” story. But as I came back by the same spot where my footprints had been minutes before, the waves had erased them.
That made me think about how much time and effort I put into things that are fleeting. And also, how much grief I give myself over my failures. I must admit, keeping on top of my eating has been a full time job since I found out I am a diabetic. I will further admit that I allowed myself to indulge a bit on vacation. As a rule, I generally try to avoid fried and fatty foods, especially since my diagnosis. But I am a firm believer in letting the horses out of the barn once in a while. And the fried clam strips and hush puppies at Big Daddy’s in Carolina Beach was my Waterloo!
This would have been the golden ticket to continue on my food binge in the not so distant future. But we all need to realize that one bad meal, bad day, or falling back into something we had thought was gone from our life is not the end of the road. Start again! Look back and realize that the past is just that, the PAST!
If you fall off the healthy wagon, own it and move on! One day of messing up doesn’t make you a failure.
And the great thing is, God does the same thing in our lives EVERY day! Ain’t Grace wonderful. So give yourself a break, God did. 🙂 Look back and see for yourself. He already forgave you and wants you to step forward from here!
Happy running,


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