Posted by: rundadrun | November 14, 2012

Lift your eyes!

If you were to come watch one of my team’s cross country races, you would likely hear me yelling, “lift your eyes, lift your eyes!” So many times during the race my runners lower their eyes and their whole head follows. The next thing you know they are running with slumped shoulders and slowing down. I try to tell them during training, where your eyes are is where you will run. It is so easy for them to get discouraged when they get tired. And that’s when they start looking down. But when they look up and realize that the finish line is within view,they pick up the pace and finish strong.
Our lives are just like that race. When we’re not looking up, we are slowing down, getting discouraged and preparing to give up.
If only I practiced what I preach! I make excuses like, “I need to look at the ground when I run since I have a bad ankle”. “Of course I’m bummed, I have diabetes!” But if I would just raise my eyes and see how close I am to HOME! Yes, I will have bad days, but I don’t need to look far to see how truly blessed I am. Where my eyes are is where I will run! I need to keep my eyes on where I am going, not let them drag me down over where I have been and how tired I am.
So next time the weariness of the race starts pulling down your gaze, remember Psalm 121:
“I lift my eyes to the hills-
Where does my help come from?
My help comes from The Lord,
The maker of Heaven and Earth!
He will not let your foot slip-
He who watches over you will not slumber.”
It evens mentions “not letting your foot slip! There goes my excuse for looking down! What a comfort to know that the One watching over us is no rookie! Keep your eyes up people! And I will see you at the finish line.
Happy running,



  1. love this verse! But, yeah–I often look down when I run/walk (except when I am reading a book..note, I do not read while running, just walking). At any rate, when I look down I don’t trip over things. AND you see the most amazing things when you look down that most people don’t notice at all. Yet—-I need to remember to keep my eyes on the “hills”. Thank you, sir!

    • I can’t even read on a treadmill! :). Thanks!

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