Posted by: rundadrun | November 6, 2012

Almost as good as a Lifesaver!

My son’s high school cross-country career ended Saturday. And what an ending it was! He ran in the Ohio Division 1 Championships! It was a very bittersweet day for my family. Obviously, we are so proud of his terrific accomplishments. But seeing him line up for the last time was tough.

It was a little tough, because he did not finish as high in the standings as he wanted. And the first thing he said to me at the finish line was, “I’m sorry”. I could tell he thought he had not done well, and it broke my heart to think that he felt less than happy, or that I was disappointed. To finish 66th in the State meet is so amazing! He quickly got over his disappointment and the routine of race day kicked in. He ALWAYS cools down with a 10-15 minute easy run after racing. This is always done with the team. Problem was, he didn’t have a team with him Saturday, he was the only boy to qualify from our team. I was expecting him to cool down with the head coach, who is still able to keep up with Matt. But a wonderful thing happened. The head coach called me over and asked if I would go out with Matt and cool him down. I was kind of taken by surprise. I gladly agreed, but wondered if something was up.

Matt and I had a great, easy run and got to talk about the race and how proud I was of him. But more importantly, we just got to have some alone time, away from the rest of the families. Just a moment for a father and son to say goodbye to one phase of his life and begin moving toward another phase. We left the next day on an official college visit, where my wife and I had to watch a college coach telling my son that he wanted him for his team…which meant he would be leaving us behind. Talk about proud and sad at the same time! And I know this has been a very emotionally trying time for Matt as well.

So, I cherished this short run with my boy. And I look forward to having more of them when he finally slows down enough for it to be possible. πŸ™‚ And when we got back, I thanked his head coach for making it happen. Funny thing is, he told me that his senior year, he had a similar race at State. He didn’t feel like he had the best race, and HIS dad went out with him to cool him down. You have to love the full circle! πŸ™‚

I hope Matt does great in his college career, but I am proud of him for the young man he already is. And getting to run with him Saturday was just icing on the cake.
Happy running,



  1. This may have been one of the most important posts you have ever written.

    There is nothing like a love between a Father and a Son. Yes, you can draw as many analogies as you want, but they never quite capture the intensity, the warmth and the love. I am so very pleased you were able to spend those moments with Matt. Rest assured you not only made a memory for yourself, but for him as well.

    I truly hope and pray that Matt’s life is one of grace and caring for others; that he follows the example set by his Father. Capitalization intended. As sons we know the Father through the relationship we have with our Fathers. Clearly you have done a wonderful job.


    • Thanks Phil! Sorry I have been away for a while.Ironically, I am replying to your kind words on Matt’s 18th birthday. I am so proud of the young man he has become and the life that he is living for God. Thanks for the encouragement and Merry Christmas!

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