Posted by: rundadrun | October 30, 2012

My somewhat lost weekend. or, “How I beat the buffet!”

This weekend I ran into the perfect storm of trials for my new-found healthy lifestyle.  I have always struggled with potlucks, grill outs and Chinese buffets.  If a little Chinese food is good, a LOT of Chinese food must be great, right?  That was how I thought until I ate my way to Type 2 Diabetes.  I LOVE Chinese food, grilled burgers and Church potlucks.  And I used to have a hard time walking away from these “foodapaloozas”. Part of it is always present, and that is the social aspect of potlucks and tailgate parties. But a big part of it is just my total lack of self-control.  Well, that has changed!

Friday night we had a “carb loading” dinner with the cross-country team.  It went pretty well, although I had far too many carbs thanks to some GREAT bread.  I ended up over my calorie count for the first time since I started tracking my intake.  The next day was going to be an all day cross-country meet, so it was decided to tailgate for lunch.  But because I was paying attention, I kept it under control pretty well and made pretty good choices.

Saturday night was shaping up to be my Waterloo.  The team, my son included, has a tradition of going to a local Chinese buffet to celebrate the regional meet.  We had extra reason to celebrate, as my son and 2 of his teammates are going on to the state championships.  But I was able to stand up to my worst temptation, and eat only one uncrowded plate, as opposed to my normal 2 or 3.  I actually left feeling good, not stuffed.

Sunday afternoon we had a potluck after Church.  Again, I was fighting my old habits.  But a strange thing happened.  I spent a long time talking with some good friends who wanted to know how I was doing with my Diabetes, and who also wanted to know how I was losing so much weight.  Talk about a buzz kill at the buffet! 🙂  But, I made healthy, sensible choices and ended up feeling great afterward.  I was even able to go out for a 5 mile run less than 2 hours later, something that I could never do when I was eating with abandon.  And when I hit the scale on Monday morning, I got the payoff!  I was way down from Friday morning!

So what did I learn this weekend?  First, it is much more rewarding to control my eating and see the weight come off than it is to eat my body weight in bad Chinese food!  But also, I can still enjoy some of my favorite things…in moderation!  Having the goal in sight of feeling good and losing the weight makes it easier to push away from the buffet line with a less than overloaded plate. Accountability to My Fitness Pal really helped too. It is easier to shun the unhealthy sweets at the dessert table when I know I have to log them in later!

What are some of your strategies for dealing with social eating situations?  I would love to hear how you have overcome this struggle.

Happy running,




  1. When you go to a buffet – only allow yourself one plate of food. It’s had, but then you dot over eat.

    At least that is what I do!

    • Thanks! I am getting pretty good at getting full with less food now, but my eyes still stay ahead of my stomach. One plate slowly is a great tip!

  2. I bring a dish for the church pot luck, but I bring a salad for myself.

    • Great idea! I love introducing people to healthy and delicious dishes…that don’t taste like they are JUST healthy. 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on Solutions For Type 2 Diabetes and commented:
    Moderation is a key to success in the battle with Diabetes. Finding alternatives. Learning to take a taste or two – and appreciating just the taste. Learning that you can have a little of this and that, A Little, and still be successful in managing Diabetes. Read what one person is learning.

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