Posted by: rundadrun | October 22, 2012

My new Buddy! Glucose Buddy that is. :)

This whole diabetes thing is turning me into even more of a tech junky!  Please don’t mis-read this as being tech savy…cause that couldn’t be further from the truth.  But I am amazed at all the great technology out there to help us keep our diabetes in control.  I can’t imagine how tough it was on my grandmother without the amazing tools we have today. 

One of these great tools is the iPhone app, “Glucose Buddy”.  I found it the day of my diagnosis.  It is really a blessing when it comes to keeping a diary of my BG numbers.  And the amazing thing is, it is FREE!  Now, you can upgrade to a more complete version for $5.99, but I love the free version.  I actually printed my weekly numbers and faxed them to my Doctor’s office and they had never heard of Glucose Buddy.  So, hopefully, they will be sharing the info with other patients now.  You can also download this app onto your laptop if you don’t have an iPhone.

With all of the technology available today, there really isn’t any excuse for not monitoring your BG.  I am amazed how much the Metformin and my dietary changes have already improved my numbers, after only 2 weeks!  And I must admit, I feel better than I have in years.  I know that prayer has a lot to do with that! I have a whole team of prayer warriors all over this thing! 🙂 Win/Win!

If you have other tools that have worked for you in your daily struggle with diabetes, please pass them along here.  I would love to hear them.  Next time, let’s talk exercise!

Happy running,


October 5, 2012- Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes, A1c-8.3, fasting BG-149, weight 186 lbs

Currently Fasting BG-86, weight-176lbs



  1. […] My new Buddy! Glucose Buddy that is. . […]

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