Posted by: rundadrun | October 19, 2012

My first two weeks as a diabetic. Or, how to completely change your life in one little office visit.

Two weeks ago today I got the news that I have been fearing for a long time.  I am a Type 2 diabetic.  After a couple of years of my fasting blood glucose #’s creeping up, and my A1C getting closer to the American Diabetes Association magic number of 7, I received the news that I had finally arrived. 🙂  I don’t mean to trivialize such a terrible disease.  But for me, I have to embrace this and hit it with a positive attitude to conquer it. 

So, when my A1C jumped from 6.3 to 8.3, I had my “no doubt” answer.  I am actually thankful that it was so apparent.  As I said, I have been iffy for a long time, and now I KNOW. So, rather than mope and let depression take over my life, I am jumping in with both feet.  One area I am doing this is here at Rundad.  A new facet of Rundad is now coming to the front.  I will not be leaving my faith and fitness behind, but rather I will be incorporating all my new experiences into Rundad.  So, for the time being, look forward to updates on the battle with Type 2 as well as my regular wittiness.  🙂

One thing that has amazed me in the last 2 weeks has been the questions I am getting.  I am in no way making fun of the questions I have been asked.  I am just amazed at how across the board, they are all somewhat similar.  Probably the most common question I get comes from men around my age, shape and general appearance. “So, how did you find out you were diabetic?”  After the 3rd guy fitting my general description asked me this, something clicked…we are all afraid of this monster, but we aren’t willing to look it in the eye!  We have enough info to scare us, but not enough to scare us into doing anything about it.

So, I have been explaining the process of being tested, which happens almost any time you get blood work done by your doctor, and also explaining that regardless of where you are with your numbers, it is great to be aware of what fuel you are feeding your engine!  I spent too many years using the excuse that since I was a runner, I could eat whatever I wanted.  What a lie!  Now I know that I do not have to accept my family history as the only indicator of what is happening to MY body. 

So, don’t be bothered by the people who are going to be curious about your testing or your eating habits.  These are all great teachable moments that we can use to help others. And then, we are taking a bad thing and making it a good thing. 🙂  Kinda my version of Colossians 3:16 which states, “Whatever you do, in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him”.

Happy running,





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