Posted by: rundadrun | July 16, 2012

A Resolution I MUST keep!

I am not big on New Year’s resolutions.  I figure that if anything is important enough to resolve to do it, why wait until the new year rolls around.  I AM big on resolutions however.  I see them as more than just a fleeting effort to stick to something.  I would never use such a powerful word to describe something small and meaningless.  I save the word resolution for “God Things”.  At least I do since I saw the movie “Courageous” and read the follow-up book, “The Resolution for Men”. 

The movie and the book made me look long and hard at myself as a husband and a father.  One of my favorite lines from the movie is when one of the characters says that he is a good enough dad.  The main character answered with” I don’t want to be a good enough dad”.  That statement encompasses all that we should be about as fathers and husbands.  We need to stop settling for being “good enough”. 

Good enough has given us a world where our children are leaving the Church at an alarming rate as soon as they leave our homes. 

Good enough has given us a country where more and more children are being born out-of-wedlock and NEVER getting to have a father in their lives.

Good enough has given us daughters who don’t get to see what a Man of God should be, and they settle for the first man who shows them what they think is love.

Good enough has given us a world where marriage has become a temporary idea, instead of a lifelong commitment before God.

I was so happy when my wife, son and daughter gave me a framed copy of the Resolution for Father’s Day.  It is a Bible-based promise to resolve to become a better man of God. I am so blessed to have a wife that is my teammate in bringing up Godly children.  I SO out-kicked my coverage!  This simple framed document now has a place of honor on our wall.  And I resolve to do everything in my power, leaning heavily on the strength only God can provide, to live up to that resolution every day of my life. 

Please feel free to join me in my resolution.  The book and the movie are easy to come by…if you live near me, I will lend you mine.  But the need is huge for men of God to step up and LEAD.  The Resolution ends with one of my favorite scriptures, Joshua 24:15.  ” As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”  That is a promise I can live by.

Happy running,





  1. My husband has signed a copy of the resolution as well. It hangs in our hallway just outside our bedroom door. I’m so encouraged that men like my husband and like you are resolving to be more than “good enough.” Thank you so much for sharing.

    • That is awesome. Makes me think about things a lot more when I remember I have a signed resolution on our living room wall. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  2. I was also greatly impacted by that movie, and it’s helped set me on the road to being a much better father. My wife and I are in the process of leading our second “Courageous” parenting group going through the “Resolution” books for Men and Women and “Honor Begins at Home.” And we’ve had the amazing pleasure of watching lives be totally transformed in the process. Thanks for the post. I whole-heartedly agree with you.

    • Thank you for sharing that! What a great set of tools for any family. God bless and keep up the hard work of being a Courageous dad!

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