Posted by: rundadrun | July 15, 2012

Running on a prayer.

When I started running again after my injury timeout, I made a decision to get more out of my running than just a good sweat and improved fitness.  I wanted to start spending some of my running time in prayer.  I have always been a thoughtful runner, but I wanted to go deeper and spend some focused prayer time on each run.

So yesterday as I was nearing the 1 mile point and still trying to focus in on what I was going to pray about, I saw a yard sale in the driveway of a house I was about to pass.  Being unable to overcome my genetic makeup, I had no choice but to stop.  As I was looking around (found a great jogging stroller!), the owner of the house started explaining that all the proceeds were going to Komen for the Cure.  She showed me the picture of her late mother who she would be walking to honor.  I am always amazed, though I shouldn’t be, when God reminds me of my purpose at times when I am having trouble focusing.  I promised to pray for the home owner’s walk and her family and ran off.  As I continued on, I was reminded of a dear friend from church who is now in hospice after a long fight with cancer.  She has been such an inspiration in how she has shown such great faith throughout her battle.  So, for the next mile, I prayed for her and her family.  I thanked God for the example of faith she has been for me in her times of suffering.

As I ran on, I came upon a cemetery in the next neighborhood over from mine.  It sits on a hill above the town we live next to.  So, I ran up the hill and into the cemetery.  As I ran along, I decided to continue my prayer run.  I found a marker for a man named Peter, who had been just about my age when he passed away.  I spent some time praying for his family and thanking God for every day that I am given on this earth.  I thanked Him for my health and for my family, and put my hat back on and started for home. 

I have never been a person who goes for the whole “angels leading me” idea, but I also don’t believe in coincidence.  I believe that God puts things in our lives to teach us, and that yesterday he put a garage sale and a cemetery in the path of my regular run.  I believe we can get something good out of most situations if we just look for it. 

So, next time you are out running, or just getting the groceries, remember to look and listen for what the Creator of the universe has for you.

Happy running,




  1. Great thoughts! Keep running, praying and blogging.

    • Thank you Ken! You are more than welcome to come along. 🙂

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