Posted by: rundadrun | May 7, 2011

This Little Piggy stayed home…but his Piglets rocked!

For the first time since 2005, I didn’t run a race at the Flying Pig Marathon.  Due to the ongoing battle I am fighting with plantar fasciitis, my training has been very lacking.  So, race weekend was looking like it was going to be a real bummer.  For those of you who are saying, “Big deal, it’s just a race”, you need to realize that THIS race is very big to our family.  We all gear up for it and enjoy the whole weekend.  The family has always gone downtown and supported dad in his running the marathon or half.  In the past couple of years, both kids have run the 5K on Saturday and I would run on Sunday.  We all looked forward to going to the Expo and shopping and just being there.  Like I said, this race is big in our family.  In fact, the kids were actually pretty upset about us not getting to go this year.  Which made Friday night all the more fun.

This year, we surprised the kids by entering them  in the 5K and not letting them know until the night before the race.  We made a pasta dinner, and put their race numbers on the plates.  You would have thought it was Christmas morning. 🙂

The next morning, we were up early and out the door to downtown Cincinnati.  With 2 kids who run different paces, and almost 3000 runners to lose them in, Jen and I were a little nervous about the logistics of the whole thing.  But we had a plan and the kids knew where to meet us.

With the “good lucks” out of the way, they were off.  Matt had set up at the front since he was looking to start very fast, and Kaylee was back in the pack.  At the gun, my wife and I split up and she ran to the finish and I ran to the halfway point.  I barely got there before Matt came blowing by in 5th place!  He was flying!  A couple of minutes later, Kaylee came through and she was looking great.  At this point, I sprinted to the finish and met up with Jen.  The 2 leaders came in and I started looking for Matt.  First and second place were spread out enough that there wasn’t really any “race” to the finish for them.  But when I looked back up the homestretch, I saw Matt and another guy racing for 3rd!  The crowd was going crazy as they battled the last 400 meters.  Matt passed him and got about 5 meters away before the older runner dropped the hammer and passed him for good.  I was screaming like crazy watching MY son racing for a place on the podium in a major race.  He ran a 17:49 on a tough hilly course and won his age group.

I ran down to where Jen was and we began watching for Kaylee.  She came through in 9th place for her age group, out of 192!  Her time of 25:01 was good for a PR and not bad for not training to run a 5k.  She has been running the 800 and the 1600 in track, so this was a big jump up in distance.

As for the old man on injured reserve…who cares! 🙂  The kids ruled the day and the Rice family had a blast.  I could not be prouder to be a spectator.  Sometimes a disappointing injury can bring about a positive outcome.

So on this day, the big piggy stayed home, but his little piggies flew in the Flying Pig 5k.

Kaylee just realizing that the medals may not be that sanitary. 🙂

Happy running,



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