Posted by: rundadrun | April 29, 2011

You know you are a runner when…

After my run yesterday,  I got to thinking about all the things that runners do and say that seem strange to non-runners.  I have seen other lists like this, but here is mine.

You know you are a runner when:

  1. You say the words “easy” and “5 miler” together…and mean it.
  2. You look at dessert and mentally calculate the miles it will take to burn it off.
  3. You can calculate your pace on the fly.
  4. ALL your shirts have sponsor names on the back.
  5. You have trouble getting up for work during the week, but jump out of bed at 6:00 AM on Saturday for a 20 miler.
  6. Your dress watch can record 100 split times.
  7. New York and Boston are events, not just cities.
  8. Your neighbors all think you are nuts.
  9. When you see mile posts, you think, “I have run that far”.
  10. You arrange Saturday activities around your long run.
  11. You catch yourself checking out your own legs in the mirror.
  12. You know what BQ means, and you hope your PR will someday get you one.
  13. You smile and nod when people tell you that you will “ruin your knees”.
  14. You can blow your nose on the run without a tissue.
  15. You have a resting heart rate that scares your doctor.
  16. You don’t feel that a black toenail or two is the end of the world.

I know there are lots more out there, feel free to share a few of yours.  I have intentionally left out any that involve chaffing, as I just don’t find that funny :).  Whatever your reasons for running, or your “signs” that you are a runner, keep on running!  We are a strange lot, but we are good people.

Happy running,




  1. You know you’re a runner when porta-potties seem normal, and they don’t turn your stomach anymore.

    These are really great! Will you run End of the Trail tomorrow? If so, maybe I’ll get to say hello and shake your hand. I always enjoy meeting local runners.

    I’ll be in black shorts, a blue tank top, and white hat. I’ll look like 95% of the other 35-50-year-old women. You won’t be able to miss me. 😀

    • For the record, I still get a little queasy in a porta-potty. 🙂 I won’t be a the End of the Trail. Sounds like a great race, but I am actually in Cincinnati, OH. I ran the Tule Fog when I was visiting my family in Hanford where I grew up. Tomorrow, we will be watching my son run the Flying Pig 5K. Look for a post on what I am sure will be a great race by him. Come on out to Ohio and run the Pig next year, I would love to meet you and shake your hand. It is a great race and worthy of a trip. God bless and good luck tomorrow!

  2. It pays to be one of the first people to use a porta-potty. 😀 Last-minute, before the gun goes off, trips to the john are not good, and should always be avoided. 😀

    I have strong mid-west ties so being in Cincinnati, OH would not be out of the realm of possibility someday. I have been there several times. The Flying Pig is legendary! Can’t wait to read all about your son’s day tomorrow.

    Thanks for the well wishes tomorrow. I feel kind of silly assuming you lived locally. I blame air travel and the internet for opening up the world and confusing people. 😀

    • (Having exceeded my “smiley” quota for the day in the above post, my keyboard will reflect neutrality for the rest of the day. )

    • I agree on the air travel! 🙂 But I did get to run in a great race because of it. Look forward to seeing you out here some day.

  3. You have written such a great list! Here’s one more—you know you are a runner when you finish your long run, bump into a running buddy, and go right back out there for seconds!
    Thanks for making me smile today. Happy Running!

    • Thanks Elizabeth! I like yours, and have done just that before. 🙂

  4. and you realise that in the spectrum of “nuts” there are many more MUCH crazier than you. PLUS when people say that you run fast – you know that you can also run faster and there are many examples to follow!! I think it has something to do with perspective – thank you for giving me a laugh and helping me keep my stuff in perspective 🙂

    • Glad it made you laugh! 🙂

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