Posted by: rundadrun | January 13, 2011

Home base

I was awakened by my 12-year-old daughter sometime around 4:30 AM.  She had had a bad dream and was doing the one thing she knew to do…going to mom and dad.  She got into bed with us and fell right back to sleep.  As I was lying there, listening to both my wife and daughter’s quiet breathing, I was reminded of playing the game TAG when I was young.  The part that I was remembering was the fact if you could just get back to “HOME BASE”, you were safe.  What a great concept.  And as I struggled to go back to sleep, it kept gnawing at my brain that we all want to get back to home base.

Today, I will get on a plane with my family and begin a journey that will get me in touch with a couple of different home bases.  I know it seems odd to have more than one home base, but stick with me for a minute and I will try to explain. 

The first part of our journey is to go back to Seattle and help my mother-in-law begin her move away from her home of the last 20 years.  This is the place where we all lived for many years and where my children were born.  It is the place where I was married and began my professional life.  But for my mother-in-law, it is a touchstone.  This is where she last worked beside her husband.  He was a minister in the Church of Christ for over 40 years, and all of those years were spent with her at his side.  It has been over 12 years now since he passed away, and she has remained the secretary at the church all these years.  She is now moving out to Ohio and living nearer to us.  This is a sad goodbye for both her and my family, as we all have a deep attachment to Seattle.  I am sure that we will all shed a few tears as we leave, but that is because that place is one of our home bases.

The next part of this journey is one that I will take alone.  Not that I won’t be sharing it, just that I will be without my wife and kids.    Because of school and the cost of flying everyone down, I will be going to California by myself.  I will be travelling back to my home town to say goodbye to my little brother.  There are so many things about this part of my journey that make it special.  I will be touching home base in a way that is both comforting and sad.  The memories of my childhood will be a blessing as we get together to remember a life that was gone to soon, but also a life that has finally come back to his home base.

Like my daughter this morning, I think we all long for that safe, comfortable place where we know nothing can harm us, our home base as it were.  I realize that in my own life that is not so much a location on a map as it is a place in my heart.  God has provided me with the ultimate HOME BASE.  Whatever goes on in my life, good or bad, He provides me with that safe harbor that is above all else home.

The last part of this journey will be my return home.  I know that I will be sad to leave Seattle and California, because those places hold a special place in my heart.  But being with my wife and kids, even when they wake me up hours before the sun, is the best place this side of Heaven.  Nothing on earth is more comforting to me. 

So, until God calls me Home, I can’t wait to get back to my little piece of Heaven on earth. 

Happy running,




  1. Really great thoughts!

  2. What a wonderful tribute. I’ve never met you, but your travels and ‘home bases’ will be in my prayers today.

    In Him,
    Teresa Lewis

    • Thank you for the prayers! They are always needed. 🙂

  3. You definitely covered all home bases – can I say beautifully?! So sorry about your brother. One of my friends says that siblings experience the longest relationship in their lives with each other – I find myself wishing and praying for that with my sons. A long brotherhood full of relationship. As a brother, maybe you could do a post, explaining appropriate expectations for that relationship. It would surely help this mother raising sons/brothers – Maybe this is an invite to post on my blog. I haven’t done that before – but I sure would like to add that to the table of moms raising sons! Your family will be in my prayers.

    • Thank you for the very kind words. I am sorry I took a while to reply, I have been traveling a lot. I have been very blessed to have 2 brothers and have a great relationship with my surviving sibling. Even with all the trials we had with my younger brother, I would never give up the memories. I would be happy to do a guest post sometime, although I have never done one either. Thanks for the vote of confidence. And most of all, thanks for the prayers!

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