Posted by: rundadrun | November 10, 2010

Running in the dark.

I found myself running at some very strange times in training for this last half marathon.  Because of work and life getting in the way and the days getting shorter, I had several occasions when I ended up running in the dark.  Either getting up before the sun or staying up long after it went down.  Don’t get me wrong, I truly enjoy running in the early morning or in the late evening, but it definitely has its challenges.  One of those being the lack of ability to see my Garmin to tell how fast I was going or how far I had gone…it wasn’t until later that I was told by a running friend about the backlight feature.  I guess I could have read the directions, but I am a man after all. 

But running along in the dark made me think a lot about “walking by faith, not by sight”.  I was always well adorned with safety lights and reflective devices, but I sometimes had a bit of a hard time seeing the cracks and potholes in the road.  I know the area I run like the back of my hand, but unfortunately, I don’t spend a lot of time looking at the back of my hand.  But it made me think of all the times I have been afraid or unwilling to let God be in control and put my faith in Him with EVERYTHING in my life.  I like to see the road ahead when I am talking about my life.  Why is it that even though I know that God is there for me, I tend to try to handle things myself?

This thought came to mind when I went out for a run with my 12-year-old daughter just after dark.  Again, safety was my biggest concern, and we spent a lot of our run on the dreaded sidewalk.  But I wasn’t about to risk my precious child for the benefit of a slightly softer footfall.  So, daddy was in charge of the run and K had no problem at all following my instructions without question.  It was almost like she had total faith in her father to only do what was in her best interest…like I should have in my Father!  Leave it to the child to teach the father.  Here I am thinking that I am the one who knows what is best and I get schooled by a 12-year-old!

Sometimes we don’t get to see what is around the next corner, or over the next hill.  But God is faithful!  He will watch over his children as only he can.  I would never think of going out for a run at night without doing everything I could to insure my safety.  And I certainly wouldn’t take one of my children into a dangerous situation just to get a run in.  I pray that as I live my life, I will put the same faith in my Father that my little girl has in her father. 

So, put on your safety gear and give a night run a try sometime, and use it as a reminder that we walk by faith.

Happy running,




  1. loved this one…glad you are blogging again. I needed to hear your message today!!! Kathi

    • Thanks Kathi. It is good to be back. 🙂 And glad anything I said was a help.
      Happy running

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