Posted by: rundadrun | November 9, 2010

What a weekend!

After getting back from Haiti in early July, I have had a real hard time getting motivated to blog.  I went through a period where I wasn’t all that motivated to run, which I wrote about in a previous post (I’m not dead yet).  I got over the lack of will to run, but as you can see from my total lack of posts, I am just now getting back in the blogging saddle.  Good thing I don’t depend on writing for a living. 🙂 

This weekend was a GREAT running weekend for my family.  After running with my son’s high school cross-country team since August, I was able to step right into a solid half marathon training program.  I was amazed to see my training runs getting better and faster, but I still didn’t feel like I was back to where I used to be fitness wise.  I can honestly say, I wasn’t missing it too much, as I was pretty busy living vicariously through my kids accomplishments in cross-country.  I would be happy to tell you all about my son knocking over 2 minutes off his freshman PR for the 5k if you have some extra time, or how my 12-year-old daughter has fallen in love with running this season… but I don’t want to seem too much like a pushy, over zealous, annoying dad.  Suffice it too say that my kids are AWESOME! 

This was played out Saturday while I was running the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon. This is the first time I have been running at the same time my kids were running a race apart from me.  So, as I neared the 3 mile point, I said a little prayer for both of them as they were starting the 5K at the same race.  Probably the most amazing thing about this is that my wife was able to coordinate all of our starts and finishes and not freeze to death in the low 30’s temperatures.  She is truly awesome!

So, while dad was running his best half in years and missing his PR by only 6 seconds (thanks to a poorly timed potty break), my son and daughter were lighting up the 5K.  K ran her PR and finished 6th in her age group, with all the girls ahead of her being older!  She ran a great race!  M dropped the hammer and finished 4th overall!  He has jumped light years in his racing since last year. 

Back to the old slow member of the family.  I ran a race that I truly enjoyed.  I felt fast and had a great time.  I actually felt like I could run faster at some points. 

Couple all these great things with the fact that the next day my big brother ran his first marathon, and it was an all around terrific running weekend!  I am glad to say that not only am I not dead yet, I am going strong.  I may just have to try to make it through the next race without a potty break and see if I can break that PR! 

By way of recommending a great race if you are looking, give the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, Half or 5K a try.  They put on a great race.  And did I mention it is FLAT!  Great town and great race.

Happy running,




  1. You continue to inspire me with your obvious love for your children. In fact, see my latest post for a bit of an homage…

  2. Thanks Conan! Man, you have made my week! I appreciate what you wrote on your blog, and I love your other posts as well. I plan on following your writing.

  3. So happy to read this. Running IS better when you can share it 😀

    • Thanks Wheezyrunner. I love that name! I agree about sharing running.

  4. That race was my second 5K ever! I was happy to finish under 29 minutes, although my official time was 29:32 (no start timer, dang!)

    • Great job on the race! Tahnks for stopping by the blog.

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