Posted by: rundadrun | June 12, 2010

Bondie si bon! Or, God is good.

So many things have been happening that my running and blogging have really taken a back seat the past couple of weeks.  I was invited to go to Haiti with Hope for Haiti’s Children 2 weeks ago yesterday.  Since then, it has been non-stop prep for the trip and trying to keep up with my actual job.  But in all this, God continues to amaze me at every turn.

I did not have a passport 2 weeks ago.  To my amazement, it only took 8 days from the day I sent in the application via next day air to have it in my hand!  God is good!

I thought there would be no way I could get the funds together in time.  Again, to my amazement, I have reached my goal through some selling of belongings and the help of some terrific people. God is good!

Our flight arrangements went through without a hitch, right down to the times being very doable for all involved. God is good!

I know it is a very small thing, but my running has been amazing the last few times out (and they have been few and far between).  I have felt fast and strong every time out, which is amazing since I haven’t been able to get out as regularly. I was supposed to be in the middle of beginning my training for my next marathon this November, but obviously, that has taken a back seat to getting to go to Haiti.  But now, my running seems to be following the same track as the “Widow’s jar of oil”.  I am running less, but feeling better when I do run.  God is good!

The trip itself falls in the only time slot that would work with my work schedule and family vacation.  And I mean the ONLY time slot. God is good!

So, I am busy getting the final details together and doing a crash course in Haitian Creole.  I am looking forward to meeting the little boy that my family has been sponsoring for the last few years and getting to work with a great group of people at HFHC.  I have gotten back in touch with several friends who have been to Haiti recently and have given invaluable advice.  God is good!

Don’t get me wrong, God is good regardless of how all this is going or will go.  But I stand amazed at how He can show His presence in ALL areas of this trip.  It is reassuring to feel His blessing on our upcoming  work.  So again, Bondie si bon!  In fact, He is very good!

Happy running,



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