Posted by: rundadrun | May 25, 2010

All stuck up, or my life in bumper stickers.

I hate to admit it, but I judge other people by the bumper stickers they have on their car.  I figure that if something means enough to you to permanently attach it to your car, it says a lot about you.  This is why I have always been VERY careful about what I affix to the vehicle I drive around in.

I bring this up because I spent some of my precious weekend buying a new 26.2 sticker for the back of my car.  I had been driving around for almost a week without this vital sticker on my new car.  I don’t want to be seen as bragging, but I like to let fellow marathoners know that I am with them…kinda like when motorcyclists give that little left-handed wave when they pass each other.  When I pass a runner while driving, I give them a little beep of the car horn and wave.  If they see my sticker, they know I know what they are feeling, and most of the time, wish I was running too.  It is a kind of fellowship activity.  I am obliged to wave back if  a car with the same sticker honks at me.  IT IS THE CODE! 🙂

I also have to admit that when I pass another car with a 26.2 on it, I check out the driver and try to figure out if I am faster than they are. I know…it is a sickness. Please forgive me this one vanity. 🙂

But if you didn’t see me in my car, or wearing one of my race shirts, you probably wouldn’t peg me as a runner.  I don’t feel like I fit the “mold” from a visual standpoint.  I know that runners come in all shapes and sizes, but I am not of a shape that you would just look at me and say, “Man that guy looks like a runner”.  You might say”Man, that guy looks like a well fed runner”. 🙂

Likewise, if you just saw me on the street, you would not necessarily know that I was a Christian.  I don’t wear a sticker on my person that would identify me as a follower of Christ.  I have in the past had a Christian Fish sticker on my cars and worn WWJD bracelets, or Team 413 shirts.  But like the 26.2 sticker, anyone can buy one.  But what if you don’t see those outward symbols?  Can you see Christ in my life?

There is a great story in Acts 4 that shows what I would hope could be said of me.  It was said of Peter and John in verse 13:

“When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and the took note that these men had been with Jesus”.

I want it to be said of me that it is obvious that I have been with Jesus!  I don’t want to be someone that has a slogan on my car that doesn’t match my life.  So, stickers or no stickers, we need to be seen as “having been with Jesus”.  We may be the only contact some people have with the only name that can save.  Hopefully, my life will be an open Bible for those who encounter me.

Happy running,




  1. “I also have to admit that when I pass another car with a 26.2 on it, I check out the driver and try to figure out if I am faster than they are. I know…it is a sickness.”

    That is SO FUNNY. Someday I hope to be a member of the 26.2 sticker club and participate in driver checks!

    • Driver checks are a blast. Of course in my head, I beat a lot more people than I do in reality. 🙂

  2. I have numerous running stickers on my vehicle, including a 26.2. Someone once asked me, “What marathons [plural] have you done?” I said, “Marathon, just one. Which is all I need to put the sticker on here.” Like you, I think a lot can be said about what people put on their vehicles.

    • Great answer! 🙂 I also get asked “What does 26.2 mean”. In my job, I drive through 4 states and I love some of the things people put on their cars. I don’t believe some of them, but it is fun to read at times.

  3. the only reason I’m running a marathon is for the sticker!

    • Don’t forget the free bagels!

  4. Beautiful! Thank you for the reminder. I bought my car used from a woman at church, and it has a little fish decal on it. I really need to remember that more often, because I can be an angry driver sometimes…and I don’t want people to see that little fish right after I shake my fist at their slow driving and think, “What a hypocrite.” 😦

    • I have the same fear about my anger issues and driving. 🙂 It is a hard thing to turn the other fender. 🙂

  5. I have 13.1 and tri stickers. I bought them in advance of my first events and immediately upon finishing, slapped those puppies on my car.

    I had a metal-type fish sticker on my former car. Come to think of it, I drove better and with more courtesy because I was mindful of my “witness on wheels.” Thanks for the reminder that I need to go fishing.

    • I like the idea of the reminder of our witness on wheels! Happy fishing.

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