Posted by: rundadrun | May 16, 2010

Time flies by, even when you’re running.

This Saturday we celebrated our daughter Kaylee’s 12th birthday.  Seeing my youngest child growing up faster and faster is hard.  I am proud of my children and the fine young Christians they are becoming, but I also find myself wanting to hang on to these young years with a death grip.  What happened to “Goodnight Moon” and tickle fights?  I know my kids can’t stay little forever, but I am struggling with letting go.

This was driven home for me this week as I went for a run with Kaylee, the not quite 12-year-old.  We went 3 miles and I can honestly say, I didn’t need to slow down much.  I know the day is coming, and soon, when like her older brother Matt, she will run circles around her old dad.  But for now, we ran comfortably together and talked about whatever came up.  It was great, but at the same time, I knew it was happening because my little girl has grown up to the point where keeping up with dad just isn’t much of a challenge anymore.  So I found myself running along and actually feeling a little bit of sadness at my girl becoming a young lady.  I can remember just recently running with her in the Fighting Hunger 5K and slowing to a walk when she needed a rest and everything was great.  Now, she is testing the speed of her father and I can see my being left behind literally and figuratively in the near future.

But a beautiful thing happened when we ended our run about a block from home.  As we were starting to walk and cool down, my young lady reached over and took me by the hand and once again became my little girl as we crossed the street and headed home.  Do you know how hard it is to check for traffic with tears in your eyes?  I do!  Just when I thought I was going to go all blubbery, Kaylee let go and asked, “Dad, can I sprint to our mailbox?”  I reluctantly gave up her hand and watched her sprint off home.

So, although I could not be prouder of my kids, it is getting hard to think that the days of having them is limited.  I have been blessed beyond belief with these gifts from God, and I know that a big part of my job is getting them to the finish line and handing them off to God.  But that doesn’t make it any easier to see them getting older.  Maybe once in a while I could just slow down time and revel in it.  But I do know that I need to cherish these moments, and every moment the Lord gives me here on Earth.  Who know how many hand holding days any of us has left. So, Happy Birthday Kaylee. And slow down for your father would ya? 🙂

Happy running,




  1. Thanks for the comment! Neat blog you have here. I should clarify – I did train for the mini. I just trained to walk/run it. The most consecutive miles I had ever run in training was 5. Thus the soreness. 🙂

    • Wow, way to go. I think I would be a little sore myself.

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