Posted by: rundadrun | May 5, 2010

Runs in the family part 2

As my children have grown older, I sometimes miss the way they used to do everything together.  My kids are now 15 and 11 and the days when they both want to do the same thing are few and far between.  There are still glimpses of the little ones playing for hours on end, but being 3 and a half years apart, their interests are a bit different on most things.

But a wonderful thing happened this weekend at the Cincinnati Flying Pig 5K.  My son Matt is not allowed by school rules to officially race outside of school events during his track season.  When he first heard this rule, he was quite disappointed.  He had planned to run in the 5K this year and let it all go.  But the coaches will not allow it, so he resigned himself to not running.

However, my daughter Kaylee has also been really looking forward to running in the same race.  I had planned to run with her and  make sure she was okay.  I still have a hard time just letting my little girl jump out onto the streets of downtown Cincinnati with almost 2000 strangers.  But Matt decided to run with his sister as her official pacer.  He got permission from his coach and it was all set.  So, Saturday morning found the Rice family at the starting line waiting for the gun.  Proud mom and dad got to see Matt giving Kaylee a pre-race pep talk, and both our children taking off like rabbits.  Kaylee had a great race, and Matt peeled off just before the finish to let her bask in the glory of the finish line.  It was really a great family moment.  Kaylee clocked in at 28:10 and got her first Flying Pig medal.  And Matt got joy of  pacing his little sister to her PR.  Not a bad day.

But more than anything, I was so proud to see my two children doing something together and building a lasting memory.  I couldn’t be prouder.

Happy running,




  1. That is wonderful! My brother and I grew up being 4 years apart and I can relate to the different interests but running always connected us and still does. My brother is 40 and I am about to turn 36 and we still sign up for races together. It’s so much fun!!

    • That is awesome! I hope my kids can follow that example. I just got to run with my brother for the first time since childhood, and I will never forget that.
      Happy running,

  2. I’ve got to find a way to be in Porkopolis for the race – I could use some personal days – next year in Jerusalem – I mean Cincinatti!

    • Yes you do. It is a National Holiday in our home. Lotsa fun and some wicked hills.

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