Posted by: rundadrun | February 23, 2010

Running the good race

One of the lessons I have always tried to teach to the Junior High Bible class my wife and I teach is that we need to be One-Faced in all that we do.  I love the verse Colossians 3:17. It basically says that whatever we do, whether with our actions or our words, we need to glorify God. This is something that I have always known to be right, but have always struggled with.  In bringing up my children, we have always stressed this concept. But when it comes down to it in my everyday life, can I live up to this standard?

This was all brought to a boiling point for me this weekend.  I was blessed to be able to attend “Winterfest” in Gatlinburg, TN.  It is a huge gathering of Christian teens from several states. They spend the weekend hearing some great speakers, comedians and musical groups. Almost 15,000 kids were in attendance and it was a great weekend.

My reason for being there was to work in a booth for “Hope For Haiti’s Children”. This group is bringing hope to Haiti by giving children the gift of education. In Haiti, school is not a given. In fact, without financial help, most of the children n Haiti will not go to school at all. HFHC also sets up orphanages and cares for children who are referred to as “ghost children” because they have very little value in Haitian culture.  With the earthquake that devastated Port-au-Prince recently, our focus has shifted to earthquake relief until things are back to normal.  So, I spent part of my weekend getting out the word about the wonderful work being done by this group.

When I was packing to go to Gatlinburg, I optimistically packed the Nike’s and my running clothes, thinking that I would have time to get a long run in.  This idea quickly took a back burner as my weekend unfolded.  But I was able to get some short sprints and hill work in just getting around town, so I feel better about the lack of mileage.

Seeing all those young people, my 15-year-old son included, making decisions to let God show in ALL that they do, made me see that I need to do the same.

I found it amazing that I went to Winterfest to “help out” a great organization, and ended up re-dedicating my life to glorifying God in ALL that I do.  I pray that Rundad will help you on your running of the good race.

Happy running,




  1. Amen!!!!

  2. Excellent post. I think that being fit and eating well and exercising is a huge way to glorify God and to be a great example for others.

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