Posted by: rundadrun | February 3, 2010

Running while travelling

I have to travel quite a bit for work, so being able to run on the go is important to me. One thing that I have found is I enjoy getting to know a new city by running it.  That being said, there are some challenges to getting a decent run in when in an unfamiliar city, not the least of which is not knowing where to run.

The first thing you need to remember is YOU ARE IN A STRANGE PLACE.  Please take precautions to ensure your safety. One thing I like to do is let the front desk know that I am going out for a run. Not that they will remember, but it is one person who at least knows I am going out. Speaking of the front desk, this is a great place to get info on where you can run. I always ask for a running map when I am checking in.  You may be surprised to know that more often than not, they have a map of a nearby trail or road run.  I have found some really nice places this way. Also, make sure you have some form of ID on you( I like my RoadID) . This is a morbid thing, but the thought of being a John Doe scares me more than a little.

Obviously, only run where it is safe. I usually run on the edge of the road when I am home. When I am running in the city, I usually move to the sidewalk.  I can enjoy the city, while still have some space between me and the cars. I truly enjoyed running the sidewalks down to the lakefront in Chicago. But I learned rather quickly that not all drivers obey the lights, so watch out when crossing, even if you have the lights with you. Make eye contact with drivers, don’t just assume they know you are crossing(more on this in a later post).

Another way to get a good run in is to do your homework and contact a local running club or store. A lot of times, you can join a group run or find a nice running location that only the locals know.  I am always pleased to find how friendly the running community is. I also take advantage of sites like Gmap Pedometer or Map my Run to map out my runs and find distances( I am a slave to knowing my mileage). I have been spoiled with having a Garmin for the last few months. Now, I can go out and just run, and I know my mileage.

So, if you have to travel, don’t let it mess up your training schedule. I always look forward to the run I will get at the end of the long drive or flight. It helps me unwind and relax. It also helps me feel less guilty about enjoying the local cuisine(Gino’s East deep dish or Rendezvous Ribs:).

Enjoy getting out and running in new places.

Happy running,




  1. Coooool post and just what I needed! my husband travels at least 3/4 of the year and I travel with him maybe–7 months out of the year to Seattle (where we’re originally from,) and to the Detroit Metro area. I’m flying again in 13 days for a whirlwind 7 weeks or so of travel and it’s been heavy on my mind. Your post has made me want to do some research to bolster up my running in 3 different states (Oh, and Mexico for a week of vacation. Oye!)

    Love your blog name 🙂 Keep up the good work! I’m going to link to you in my sidebar.

    • Thanks a lot! Where did you live in Seattle. My wife and I lived out there for 10 years(Bothell), and my kids were born in Kirkland. Small world. 🙂 Thanks for the link. If you will tell me how, I will link yours as well. Good luck on the trip. I always love adding states to my “run there” list.
      Happy running,

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