Posted by: rundadrun | January 9, 2010

Getting started or put one foot in front of the other.:)

There are as many ways to get started running as there are reasons to start, but the main thing is getting started. Even if you false start a couple of times (like I did), you are still moving toward the goal and that is more than half the battle. I know that for me, it didn’t take long to start really feeling like something good was happening.

The thing that really worked for me was finding a plan and sticking to it. I know my wife laughs when I say this, but I am a plan motivated runner. It is about the only place this can be said of me. Give me a training plan, and I am a happy runner!

So, when I finally got it right and truly stuck with my running, it was the Hal Higdon 30/30 plan that worked for me.  I knew that I had a specific goal every day that got me out the door in the morning. It suddenly wasn’t hard to be motivated and I enjoyed it very much.  I do recommend Mr. Higdon’s 30/30 plan as it is a good slow start, and you can see progress along the way. I think the best part of it for me was that it was only 30 minutes a day for 30 days, hence the name. 🙂 By the end of the month, I was really ready to move on to a more intense program and my body was ready for the increased demands.

It isn’t hard to find a plan that works for you. It might be Couch to 5K (C25K), or it might be one of Jeff Galloway’s walk/run programs, but the main thing is to “GET MOVING”.  Almost everyone I have helped over the past few years has told me that once they got going, they loved it.  And that includes some of my friends who used to mock me as I became more obsessed with my running.  I have a good friend who constantly laughed about what a nut my training partner and I were for doing our insane long runs getting ready for our first marathon.  This last year, he finished his second half marathon. Who’s nuts now? 🙂

I know for me, when I started noticing my increased fitness through things like not getting out of breath playing with my kids, my pants getting looser around the waist, and the reappearance of my long lost thigh muscles, I had all the motivation I needed to continue.  I was further motivated when my doctor started calling me a runner when I would go and see him for my annual checkup.  I will not lie to you and say that running got me off all my cholesterol medication and made my hair grow back, ’cause that didn’t happen. But I will tell you that it helped me the lose 20 pounds that I had been fighting with for years, and got my already-medicated-and-still-high-because-of-my-bad-genes cholesterol down to normal.  But I think the biggest benefit has been that I feel great and my family has joined me in my running(or walking) and they are feeling great.

So, Google beginner running plans, or post a question on my comments and I will give you some help finding a plan, but “GET MOVING”. You will be glad you did.

God bless and happy running,



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